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Welcome to my blog leading up to the American Cetacean Society's 2nd Annual "50-Mile Dolphin Dash" fundraiser run on Wednesday, July 6th, Monterey, CA. I'm willing to shed 50 miles worth of blood, sweat, and (possibly) tears to raise funds to attend the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in St. Helier, Jersey (UK), where ACS will be speaking out against commercial whaling and compromises to international whale protection measures. I'm also the Executive Director of ACS, so I put my heart and "sole" where my mouth is.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011: What a Difference a Year Makes

Another round of training for the 50 mile “Dolphin Dash.”

This year, the fundraiser run will be held in Monterey, CA on Wednesday, July 6th, and I will be departing for the 63rd Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) the following day - Thursday, July 7th.

It's been just nine months since the inaugural run in Los Angeles, but it feels like years.

The second annual event will be a real test of the 'mind over matter' principle. My running is not coming as easy anymore... nothing is, actually. Until recently, I've felt 20 years younger than my 42 (soon to be 43) years; now I feel...42 going on 43. I want my 'mojo' back - now, please!

This will be an interesting three months. I am committing to viewing this time as an "experiment of one". The days of being cavalier about my running - and fitness in general - are over. No more eating anything I like; no more rolling out of bed after a late night and bangin' out a 30-miler without preparation; no more putting running at the end of my daily 'to do' list and getting to it 'if everything else is attended to.' It's a lot more work now - this is now a total mind-body-soul endeavor, and I'm not exactly an "Eye of the Tiger" contender, but merely a creature of habit. I hope you'll join me - in my successes and inevitable failures on the road to the "Dolphin Dash".

Til then, you may be interested in reviewing the 2010 posts leading up to the event on June 17th, 2010, and video taken during the run by members of the ACS Support Team. I also have a blog to accompany the "100-Mile Run for the Wildlands" run I completed in August 2009 on the CA Central Coast in support of the California Invasive Plant Council:

Happy Running,


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  1. Good luck, Cheryl! (As a fellow 40-something, I feel your pain!)