The Purpose of the "50-Mile Dolphin Dash"

Welcome to my blog leading up to the American Cetacean Society's 2nd Annual "50-Mile Dolphin Dash" fundraiser run on Wednesday, July 6th, Monterey, CA. I'm willing to shed 50 miles worth of blood, sweat, and (possibly) tears to raise funds to attend the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in St. Helier, Jersey (UK), where ACS will be speaking out against commercial whaling and compromises to international whale protection measures. I'm also the Executive Director of ACS, so I put my heart and "sole" where my mouth is.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mile 50: ACS Dolphin Dash

Cheryl ran all 50 miles of the Dolphin Dash and is still standing. Not only that she is out running an extra 5 miles in honor of a $500 donation from the ACS Monterey Bay Chapter. This is amazing and crazy! Tomorrow she hops (possibly literally) on a plane to fly to Morocco to attend the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting. This just in...Cheryl just finished 55 miles! Thanks to everyone who donated. And for those who haven't yet there is still plenty of time just go to:

And for those wondering...yes Cheryl is still standing after 55 miles. Wow! Thanks Cheryl for all you are doing for the whales and dolphins!

Mile 40: ACS Dolphin Dash

Wow, Cheryl just hit mile 40 and is still going strong. Simply amazing. She made it through all the tough hills and urban areas and is now enjoying the ocean breeze and ocean views on the last 10. One of the top quotes of the day: "Oh, I got my share of bug protein." For more details and to see video check out ACS-National's facebook page.

Mile 25: ACS Dolphin Dash

Cheryl made it to the 25 mile mark and is still looking good. The last five miles were in a very urban environment. Now she is headed back towards the ocean, but is keeping her eyes peeled for squirrels. She stocked the little pocket in her running shorts with salt tablets and advil. Ah the glories of the running life. For video go to ACS-National's facebook page.

Mile 20: ACS Dolphin Dash

Cheryl made it to mile 20 no problem, except for some squirrels that that crossed her path. She tried to dance around them but in the process ended up "doing a face-plant." None of that action made it on film. But for other fun video updates check out the ACS-National facebook page.

Mile 17: ACS Dolphin Dash

Cheryl hit mile 17 feeling good. Switched dolphin socks out for more comfortable running socks. Downed more liquid protein and hit the path again feeling strong. Go to ACS-National for video updates.

Mile 10: ACS Dolphin Dash

Cheryl is doing great. She hit the 10 mile mark no problem. Had to change her socks and drink some liquid protein and now she is on the move again. For live video updates go to the American Cetacean Society-National's facebook page.